Windsor Steam Cleaning

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Just like a favourite dress, shirt, or pair of pants, many people become very attached to their furniture. When you think about it, is there a surface that you contact more than your furniture? You can trust Windsor Steam to clean your furniture with the method recommended by the manufacturer. 
Did you know that most furniture manufacturers recommend you clean your upholstered fabric every 1-2 years? This is because dust particles can settle on your furniture just like the keyboard on your computer. Vacuuming helps to be sure, but many times this dust gets stuck to the fabric because of oils in our skin that attracts itself to your furniture. As you sit on and use your furniture over time this becomes abrasive and can have a damaging effect on the fibres of your furniture.

If it has been a few years since your upholstered fabric has been professionally cared for, give us a call today. Let our trained technicians bring back the beauty of your furniture with a professional deep Steam cleaning. Our technicians are trained to care for all types of fabrics.

You can trust your upholstery cleaning to us.

          Why? Because WE GUARANTEE customer satisfaction.